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Energy Use

Globally, half of our energy consumption is in the form of heating and cooling. 

About one third concerns transportation. Electricity is about twenty percent.


Heating and Cooling need decarbonisation


Heating & Cooling Today

8% Renewable energy

1.8% Renewable electricity

5.3% Non-Renewable electricity

85% Non-Renewable energy


Municipal heating pipes
Airport heating and cooling

Thermal Energy

In the European Union alone, industry produces vast excess heat amounting to 2,860 TWh/year.

This is almost the same as the EU's total energy demand for heat and hot water in residential and service sector buildings.


Most is wasted. 

What if it was not, but stored and repurposed?

Europe already has 6,000+ heat networks.

Globally, the heat and cooling market is likely to be 80 PWh in 2050.


Thermal energy
Industrial heat

Heat Atlas

At city, regional and multi country levels it is possible to connect centres of waste industrial heat production with areas of heat or cooling demand using thermal storage and heat/cooling networks. 

Paris Heat Demand
Northern Italy heat atlas
Western Europe heats atlas

Heat Solutions

Summary of heat solutions

Thermal Future


If we succeed in creative solutions to store and use heat energy it will alleviate the need to have dependency on a power system which is already strained, and will be more so with use of electric vehicles. Direct heat sources at or close to points of consumption will provide much greater energy security. 




Heating & Cooling Market

$4 Trillion

Thermal plant
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