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Our Future

We can't transition from use of fossil fuels to cleaner renewables if they are not plentiful, affordable and dependable.

Globally we are not close to any of these aims. Yet the clock is ticking to complete the energy transition.


The easiest way to create security of supply from unreliable renewables is to couple their growth to creation of big scale energy storage which lasts. And can deliver when they don't.

Renewables wind and solar
Living crisis
Oil energy
Climate crisis

Three Connected Crises
Climate . Energy . Living

Mountain to climb

From where we are to where we need to be is a long and difficult journey.

It requires careful thought.

But rapid action.

Renewables in 2050
Transition from fossil fuels to renewables

PWh for electricity generation

Renewables Work
Except when they don't

Summary of renewables issues
Data for renewables issues

Renewables Future


The transition to renewables energy requires fundamental changes to create the infrastructure most relevant to future energy consumption. The need goes well beyond big electricity. Big scale thermal energy storage will be crucially important. 




Energy Storage Investment

$1.5-3 Trillion


Electricity pilons
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